13 Line Quran

for Android

13 Line Quran

This application has been written to aid Muslims and Students of Hifz who are familiar with the 13 line format of the Quran.

The format uses a bold script, which is also known as Urdu/Persian Script, and is most commonly used in non-Arab countries.



The 13 Line Quran application is available to download for free at the Android Market.

If you are having trouble installing the application from the Market then you may download the file using the link below and save it to your sdcard as a .apk file. Using a file explorer on your Android device select and install the application.

13 Line Quran.apk


www.inter-islam.org for the use of the images used in this application.


This application is still under development. You can email me at info@mulham.com to report bugs, or if you have suggestions or comments on future development.

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